Haunts & The Mob, Vegas Tour

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is Sin City's most famous motto. This saying also applies to the bodies buried out in the desert as this great city of neon was being built. Acts of murder, deception and greed during the time when Vegas was being built still haunt the city today. Forever tied into Vegas' past is its rich history of organized crime. Ordered hits and grisly murders were commonplace when Sin City was run by the Mob. Learn about about the rise of organized crime in Las Vegas, who was top dog and what they did to stay in power. Visit famous mob hangouts and the most haunted hotels on Fremont Street as you learn the darkest secrets of this winner-takes-all town on a walking tour through the Downtown Las Vegas Fremont District.

Haunts & The Mob, Vegas Tour Info:

  • When: Every Friday @ 7pm
  • Where: Meet in front of the Heart Attack Grill, 450 Fremont St. LV, 89101
  • Parking: Parking in any nearby casino lots, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to find parking
  • Tour Distance: About 1 - 1.25 miles
  • Tour Duration: About 60 - 75 minutes
  • Your Spirit Guide: Steven, look for him in front of the Heart Attack Grill (by the giant scale) on Fremont Street

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"Haunts & The Mob"

Fridays @ 7pm

Your Walking Tour through Downtown Vegas includes:

  • Visit a hotel where there lurks the spirit of a man who met his gruesome death after a love triangle went sour
  • Learn about Vegas’ most notorious gangster, Bugsy Siegel, and how he still haunts his beloved hotel after being gunned down by the mob
  • See which Fremont Street hotel was owned by a family whose dark past includes kidnapping plots, mob hits and cold blooded murder
  • Stop by Las Vegas’s former federal courthouse building, now the Mob Museum, where mobsters were tried for their hits and unlawful dealings
  • Hear stories of Vegas' “Motel of Death,” the location of several mysterious deaths and disturbing suicides

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