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Saturdays @ 8pm

"Ghosts of Greenwich Village"

New York City has long been called one of the most haunted cities in America, but its dark secrets and sordid past run much deeper than you’d ever expect. We take you deep into the underworld of one of NYC’s most beloved neighborhoods: Greenwich Village. Now a hub for trendy restaurants, celebrity pads and hangouts for NYC’s elite, Greenwich Village was once home to parlor houses, speakeasies and gambling halls - and all the debauchery that followed. On this tour, visit the infamous "House of Death," the NYU hall that Edgar Allen Poe haunts and many more ghostly sites. The shadowy past of this quaint neighborhood still haunts the city today. Learn all the darkest secrets of this one-time crib of sin on a haunted walking tour through Greenwich Village, NYC.

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Saturdays @ 3:30pm

"Haunts & Dead Celebrities"

Are you ready to get your heart pumping in more ways than one? This sunset hike up to the Hollywood sign will do just that! Join us for an evening of fright in the great outdoors of the Hollywood Hills! Not only will you hike up to a breathtaking viewing spot of the iconic Hollywood sign, you will also be entertained by spooky stories along the way! Listen to tales about infamous Hollywood hauntings and learn some of Hollywood's darkest secrets involving murder, death and suicide – many of which occurred right in the Hollywood Hills. Some say that the Hollywood Sign is one of the most haunted sites on the West Coast. Could this be true? Find out for yourself on a night of fitness and fright on our Haunted Hollywood Sign Hike!

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Fridays @ 7pm

"Haunts & The Mob"

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is Sin City's most famous motto. This saying also applies to the bodies buried out in the desert as this great city of neon was being built. Acts of murder, deception and greed during the time when Vegas was being built still haunt the city today. Forever tied into Vegas' past is its rich history of organized crime. Ordered hits and grisly murders were commonplace when Sin City was run by the Mob. Learn about about the rise of organized crime in Las Vegas, who was top dog and what they did to stay in power. Visit famous mob hangouts and the most haunted hotels on Fremont Street as you learn the darkest secrets of this winner-takes-all town on a walking tour through the Downtown Las Vegas Fremont District.

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